A Different way of parenting...

Going beyond the basics:  The True Insight Parenting Strategies (TIPS) approach is to go beyond the basics of parenting and gain a deeper level of insight into how parents related to their children.  The classes look into how parents’ personal history and relationships shape many thoughts, beliefs, and responses to their children often without even realizing it.  When parents take a good look at patterns of attachment it helps improve awareness and creates more secure attachment patterns for children.  Another part of insightful parenting involves learning the science behind how our brains and bodies respond to stress, known as interpersonal neurobiology.  Parents will learn skills and strategies to help improve their own emotional awareness and self-regulation.  Parents will then learn to transfer many of these ideas about attachment and healthy brain functioning to their children.  Parents will learn insights into how brain growth and neuromaturation impacts child development throughout childhood and into the teen years.  Brain-based and attachment-focused interventions are then explored including the research-tested models of collaborative proactive solutions, filial play therapy, and trust-based relational interventions. 


The Philosophy:  This series focuses on building positive relationship patterns focused on empathy, humility, generosity, and servant-leadership.  The aim is to help parents become experts in the field of relating to others through boosting emotional intelligence and increasing insight.  We believe that we have been given a rather high calling as parents including creating a relationship that does not provoke our children or leave them feeling exasperated.  We are called to raise, guide, mentor, and shape our children in the ways that align with values, morals, responsibility, and compassion for others.  The True Insight Parenting Strategies program believes that this happens best when parents learn to model these practices and create an environment that exemplifies the very values we hope to instill within our children.  Everything from play to problem solving becomes an exercises that builds relationship, fosters connection, and improves skills.   


What you can expect:  Parents will learn specific skills and strategies that will help them connect with their children, reduce behavior problems, and even develop new relationship skills.  Skills include brain-based strategies for calming as outlined in Dr. Dan Siegel’s The Whole Brain Child and Brainstorm.  Parents will learn a step-by-step process for problem solving consistent with Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) model.  Parents will also learn to play and connect with their children using the highly effective, highly researched filial play therapy practices found in the Child Parent Relationship Therapy model (CPRT) outlined by the works of Dr. Gary Landreth and Dr. Sue Brattain.  Parents will also learn behavior interventions that build trust and attachment from the Trust-Based Relationship Interventions (TBRI) approach based on the works of Dr. Karen Purvis and Dr. David Cross.  The program also includes exploring the effects of trauma on children and how to be aware of the effects of that our own personal trauma may have on parenting.  The TIPS program provides a survey of these highly effective parenting concepts and ways to practically and proactively implement positive and insightful practices into your own parenting.