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TIPS Parenting Group Eugene Near Downtown (1st Church of the Nazarene) Week 1:  Knowing Yourself as a Parent

  • 1st Church of the Nazarene 8th &, Madison St Eugene, OR 97402 United States (map)

Week 1:  Knowing Yourself- Adult Attachment and Parenting

The idea of Adult Attachment Styles involves looking at the ways that our own primary relationships impact our current relationships.  Attachment styles are deeply impacted by the ways were were cared for in the first two years of life.  Our attachment styles can also change and shift with each positive connection we experience with others throughout our lifetime (called earned security).   This week looks at how understanding our style of relating to others has a basis in our own histories, and how this style weaves its way into our parenting.  We also look at awareness of your own attachment style is highly associated with creating positive attachment experiences with our own children.  

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